Mike Marshall and Chris Thile

Music from Their Sugar Hill CD “Into the Cauldron”
Nine selections from the CD in duet arrangements for two mandolins, and mandolin & mandocello.
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Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin by JS Bach

Specific movements and sections selected andarranged for mandolin with music and tablature
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The Chord Book

A comprehensive method for understanding harmony and constructing chords on the mandolin
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Improvisational Concepts

Advanced improvisational concepts for the creative, free-thinking mandolinist
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The Great Book of Fingerbusters

Designed to help you find your way in and out of every possible twist and turn of the left and right hands
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Brazilian Choros,
Second Edition

Transcribed by Mike Marshall, Colin Walker, Almir Cortes, Doug Hoople, Andy Connell & Amy Burcham
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Raffaele Calace Method for Mandolin: Volume I

German mandolin professor Caterina Lichtenberg and American mandolinist Mike Marshall celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Calace’s publication with this first English Edition.
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Raffaele Calace Method for Mandolin: Volume II

Second Volume
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NEW The Mike Marshall Collection

Multi-instrumentalist Matt Flinner took on the task of transcribing Mike’s music into notation and tab. Intermediate.
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